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Powerful Features

Customer Engagement Tracking

Your Kahoolie site comes equipped with customer engagement tracking that helps you identify how many customers are viewing your custom Kahoolie page and your advertisers’ offers. Knowing how many customers are engaging with your site will help you track the success of your promotions as well as the promotions generated by your Kahoolie network.

Sign-ups and Alerts

This great feature allows your advertiser's customers to sign up to receive alerts about specific deals from your Kahoolie site every time one of them posts a new deal. Email alerts help to drive consumers to your Kahoolie page and to your advertiser’s website where they can redeem the deal. When consumers receive deals that interest them from local and trusted sources, it builds a relationship.

Owner Advantage

Each custom Kahoolie site allows the owner to create monetized ads to help boost partner promotions. This feature allows advertisers with popular deals to increase visibility and helps you make some money too.

eCard Connect

With Kahoolie, you and your advertisers have the tools to create dynamic ads called eCards. This connective feature works like a banner ad and can be easily featured on any webpage.


Join the platform that many local businesses in your area know and trust. Let Kahoolie boost your company's profile and connect you with various local businesses and customers.

Some of the industries that can benefit from the Kahoolie system are listed below, but are not limited to:


Chamber of Commerce


Home Improvement

Trade Shows


Hotel Concierge



Shopping Malls

Professional Associations

Business Networking Groups

Affiliate Directory

Talent and Services Agencies


Non-profit Organizations

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