About Kahoolie

Our mission is to increase local commerce and help drive more customers to local businesses.

About Kahoolie

Kahoolie is an easy-to-use, cross-promotional platform that allows local businesses to connect, refer customers to each other and offer promotions directly to new clientele. Your Kahoolie site helps you and the referral businesses in your network gain exposure, engage with customers and generate revenue. Used as an extension of your website or as a stand-alone site, Kahoolie is a great platform for all industries and businesses that want to grow their customer base within their referral networks.

Why Kahoolie

At Kahoolie we believe that shopping local is better. When local businesses unite they help strengthen the local economy, embrace what makes their community unique, create more local jobs and nurture the community. Kahoolie is a safe and trusted site where your customers can safely engage with local businesses.

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